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Who We Are

Golden Duck Meat & Poultry Company is a poultry processing plant that started in 1995. We have been providing high quality poultry products for over 16 years. We specialize in strictly poultry. We are a processor and distributor of chicken products. We are a USDA plant with a resident USDA Inspector.  Our headquarter is in Houston, TX. Our products ships all over the United States and internationally. Our optimal goal is to provide the highest quality in the products we sell.

Our Chicken

Experience - and common sense - tells us that the better birds are cared for, the better the quality and flavour of the chicken they produce. All of our chicken comes from a group of carefully selected American farmers and suppliers who have worked with us for several years. They understand and share our values and our commitment to rearing our birds to the highest standards of quality and animal welfare.


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