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Our Chicken Story

Natural Chicken

  • Nothing Added EVER

  • No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Animal By-Products EVER

  • Small Family Farms

  • Free Roaming

Not only did we search the world to bring you the finest heritage chicken from small US Farms – but we also offer the finest all-natural domestic chicken in America. And a lot goes into creating its finer taste and texture.


We call our chicken Natural Chicken because we raise them with nothing added EVER. We feed our birds a purely natural vegetable diet. No hormones, no growth stimulants, no antibiotics or other drugs added EVER. It’s our promise of purity. And starting with the purest natural chicken makes our sausages out-taste the tastiest of our competitors. One bite and you’ll taste why.


Our breeders are chosen from only the best stock to produce healthy, great tasting birds. All our chickens are born and raised in the USA – and are fully traceable back to their farm or ranch of origin. Day to day, they happily roam in spacious heated or cooled barns, so they get plenty of exercise. Theirs are low-stress, humane, surroundings with no over-crowding, so they mature comfortably and naturally. We allow them to eat when they want, so they grow happy and healthy according to their own natural time clocks.


Better than organic?

We take pride in meeting standards higher than what is required in most organic programs. Our Natural birds are raised to the highest all-natural raising standards in the U.S.

Our Natural Chickens are never given antibiotics, even though organic programs allow antibiotics to be given to day old chickens. In addition, our feed and our Naked Chickens are tested in a USDA approved laboratory to ensure there are not pesticides, industrial contaminants, arsenic, and other residues present. This testing is not required by organic standards.

What’s more, we heat the feed to eliminate any possible bacteria. Our feed is tested by a USDA-approved laboratory for pesticide residues, metals and toxins. Our birds also drink only fresh water that is regularly tested for purity. And, because of these diligent regimens, we grow chickens that are naturally better tasting and healthier for you ALWAYS. In addition, we raise our chickens in the cleanest, most natural environments to ensure we meet the highest health and well-being standards in the industry. All our poultry are hand graded to standards higher than USDA Grade A, so you have yet another assurance of our quality.

To guarantee freshness, we carefully regulate to the ideal temperature every step of the way, from farm to fork. And because we aim to please even the most discerning chefs, we then meticulously trim our chicken pieces so each is uniformly shaped and free of excess fat.
All of this leads to beautiful meals that taste they way chicken is meant


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